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Ear Mould (right) For Use With Acoustic Tube Earpieces

  • Product Code: Ear Mould (right) For Use With Acoustic Tube Earpieces
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Right side ear Mould medium size for use with any covert earpiece.

This flexible & discreet ear insert lets you hear radio traffic in private but leaves the ear open, allowing the wearer to hear what's going on around him.These are popular with police officers, allowing long periods of use without discomfort. The soft gel adapts to the shape of the ear and is easy to fit in place of the standard earbud tip on our acoustic tube accessories. You can even use a telephone whilst wearing it.

Size - Medium 

Upgrade your earpiece from a generic one-fits-all  ear bud to a
flexible molded skeleton insert for increased comfort and improved fit.
It is made with medical grade silicone making it soft, durable and


  • Comfortable - Making it suitable for prolonged periods of wearing on long shifts.
  • Stays put - Doesn't easily fall out as it is shaped like the inside of an ear.
  • Hygienic - Fits easily to any earpiece you are issued - allows air

       circulation in the ear canal. This movement of air helps to stop the ear
       heating and becoming itchy.

        to make sure you order the side which you wear your earpiece.


Medium - (The average size for men) . Please note: it is the
size of your inner ear.

  • Simple push-fit replacement.
  • To fit to your earpiece, just remove the ear bud and push the

        Skeletal insert onto existing acoustic tubing via the L shaped joiner
        used for your existing ear bud.

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